Nourish your skin from within using active ingredients to enhance your appearance.


Mesotherapy? Micro-needling? What are they?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that originated in France. It’s a generic term for therapies where active ingredients are introduced into the upper layers of the skin. There are several ways to do this. We provide mesotherapy using a MesoPen to perform micro-needling. During micro-needling, very fine needles are used to create small channels within the epidermis, accessing the deeper layers. In this way, the active ingredients penetrate the skin more effectively, moisturizing from within, and providing essential antioxidants or endogenous proteins.

What does a MesoPen treatment entail? What kind of ingredients are used?

The treatment consists of several steps. First, the skin is disinfected, then concentrated hyaluronic acid is applied. The hyaluronic acid can also be enriched with the patient’s own proteins (extracted from the patient’s blood), which enhances vitality and boosts the rejuvenating effect. These ingredients stimulate the production of new skin cells, with maximum anti-inflammatory and regenerative results. The MesoPen creates channels that allow the active ingredients to penetrate the lower layers of the dermis, where they can be absorbed and utilized by the body more effectively.

How will mesotherapy improve my skin? How many times do I need to repeat the treatment?

By providing intense moisturization, mesotherapy visibly smooths and improves the texture of your skin. The skin appears firmer, fresher and more radiant. To achieve an optimal result, we recommend three treatments every 4-6 weeks, then one treatment every two months thereafter.

Which areas can be treated using mesotherapy? Are there any side effects?

Face, neck, and décolletage are the typical zones targeted for this form of mesotherapy. After treatment, a slight redness may occur. This usually subsides after a few hours and will then disappear completely.

Can I perform the treatment at home?

In order to ensure your skin is sufficiently hydrated between treatments, we recommend the homecare derma-roller for home use. It is not quite as effective as the MesoPen due to the somewhat shorter needles, but when combined with a hyaluronic acid serum it provides a real freshen-up for your skin, and is an ideal way to work active ingredients deeper into the skin—simply from home!