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BriteWhite Professional Teeth Brightening

Truly Boosting Your Self-confidence!

Your teeth could have two possible types of stains. Extrinsic stains, on the outer layer of your teeth, or intrinsic

stains, which are embedded in the tooth. Just as there are different types of tooth stains, there are different types of

teeth whitening that can work for you. Always do your research and understand the process before deciding which

teeth whitening treatment would be the best for you. 



What causes tooth staining, yellowing, and discoloration?


  • There are many reasons why your teeth lose their beautiful whiteness. 


The most common reasons for discoloration are:




Normal teeth may be very white or even have a pale undertone of yellow, brown or grey, or  severely discolored.may be

it depends on your genes. Some visible discoloration due to genetic dental abnormalities generally occurs in tooth's 

"dentin," the material that lies beneath a tooth's enamel surface. These stains can sometimes be improved by teeth- 

whitening and sometimes not.





  • Surface teeth staining causes.

Everyday wear and tear and illness can also cause teeth to stain. Regular use of cola drinks, medications, coffee,

cigarettes and other tobacco products may cause surface staining, however, people with this normal kind of teeth

discoloration are good candidates for teeth whitening, except in specific instances. 



Tetracycline stains are dark, and the surprise for dentists that haven’t treated this much is that the deeper they go

into the tooth, the darker the stain gets. Ordinary teeth whitening solutions don’t always have a good effect. It is

fortunate that our BriteWhite System is able to treat these stains. Tetracycline teeth are often hard to whiten but as

this photo shows you will see improvement with our BriteWhite system.



 Please be realistic about the results of your whitening treatment and understand the machines do NOT put white on

your teeth. The light activates the solution that is applied to your teeth and then the whitening process begins while

removing the color that has been allowed to stain your teeth over years.



REAL Clients...REAL Results! 




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