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Organic Facials

Very Merry for Berry

Customized Berry Selection for a Scrumptious Berry Facial

1 Hour $90

Cozy for Rozy

Customized Floral Selection

Relax and Refresh Skin 

1 Hour $90

All is Nice with Spice

Customized Spice Selection for an Ayurveda Experience

1 Hour $90

Sweet Treat Honey

Customized Honey Facials 

Firm and Tone Skin

1 Hour $90

Vibrant Vitamin C

Customized Citrus Selection 

Vibrant Refined Skin

1 Hour $90

Passionate for Pumpkin

Customized Pumpkin Facials

Ayurvedic Refined Skin

1 Hour $90

Vegan Veggie Delight

Custom Veggie Selection

Clean and Restore Skin

1 Hour $90

Cool as a Cucumber

Custom Cucumber Face Treatment

Sooth and Pamper Skin

1 Hour $90

Charming Charlie Chocolate

Custom Chocolate Facial 

Refreshed and Rejuvenated Skin

1 Hour $90

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