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Do you love getting facials? Even a facial at home can help to refresh the skin, giving it a glow that can’t be replicated by anything else. Many utilize a combination of olive oil and sugars for at home facials and professional facials are completed every day using similar materials. If you’ve never had a Dermaplane facial, however, then you’ve never really had the clearest, cleanest complexion in your life! What are the benefits of the Dermaplane facial?

Benefit #1: Even Skin Tone

Dermaplaning is the perfect procedure to help even out a skin tone that made me starting to fade. Whether it is because of skin damage or there’s just a natural tone to your skin that has changed over time, this facial will help to restore more evenness to your complexion’s tone. It does this because a surgical blade is scraped over the skin, much like shaving, and the dead skin cells that can be contributing to the discoloration are quickly removed.

Benefit #2: Elimination of Fine Wrinkles

Although a Dermaplane facial doesn’t have the ability to remove deep wrinkles or scars, it can eliminate the fine wrinkles the can begin to develop over time. This happens because the wrinkle in the skin is minimized from the skin during the procedure, creating the appearance of a smooth complexion that can last for sometimes more than 6 months. Best of all, there are hardly any side effects to this procedure, unlike deep level cosmetic procedures that may require up to two weeks for a full recovery for a similar benefit.

Benefit #3: Hair Removal

Because a surgical blade is being used in this procedure, the application area will naturally become smooth and hair-free. This is particularly beneficial for those “peach fuzz” hairs that can sometimes get itchy, bothersome, or even caught on some things! It won’t cause those hairs to grow back in thicker or darker either, so you’ll be left with the smooth skin you want without the potential for redness or swelling that can accompany other treatment methods, like plucking.

Benefit #4: Very Little Risk

The primary risk that occurs with this facial is that bleeding may occur. A sharp surgical blade is used for the procedure and nicks can happen sometimes on skin that is uneven in tone. It’s a lot like shaving… and who hasn’t nicked themselves with a razor before during the shaving process? Most people experience skin sensitivity after the procedure has been completed for awhile, but makeup can be applied right away after it has been completed.

Benefit #5: It Is Long Lasting

Because this procedure removes up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells that have accumulated, a Dermaplane facial will effectively last for up to a month before another procedure may be required. With good at-home maintenance of the skin, however, this time can be prolonged for up to 6 months as long as the dead skin cells are not allowed to accumulate. Many tend to return with the hair returns and dirt and oil begins to collect once again, which is typically 1 to 2 months.

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